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Foodsharing in Wadowice

In total, the EU wastes 89.2 million tonnes of food each year. The UK is the most wasteful of the EU’s 27 member states, with a food waste total of 14.3 million tonnes per year, according to the most recent figures from Eurostat. Germany (10.3 million tonnes), the Netherlands (9.4 million ), France (9 million) and Poland (8.9 million) make up the top five most profligate countries.

Polish private households throw away edible food worth about 50 zlotys per capita every month. To counteract food waste, JADŁODZIELNIA (Foodsharing) was brought into being. The basic concept of the project is to share surplus food with others for free to avoid unnecessary waste. Private customers as well as traders and manufacturers can participate. The aim is to develop a ’community‘ of like-minded people who show once again a higher esteem for food. Everyone who participates in Foodsharing can either offer food or pick it up.

jadlo strona - Foodsharing in Wadowice

JADLODZIELNIA point is located by the waiting room of the city bus station and it’s available everyday from 6.00 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Date of introduction: January 05, 2018