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Cookies Policy

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In order to provide services at the highest level, on the cookies are used. We use this technology for advertising, statistical, but above all to be able to adapt our services to the individual needs of users. You can at any time change the storage and access cookies in the settings of your web browser. More information below:

What are cookies?

„Cookies” are single, small text files stored on your computer. They contain very short text information allowing the reading of the information contained therein by the party that created them. Cookies can not collect any of your data, if the data is not entered by the web page. When sending cookies is not violated your privacy.

Why do we use cookies?

Our company uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • matching the content of advertisements broadcast on the site,
  • to measure user traffic to websites using Google Analytics code – more information about the files cookies in Google Analytics can be found at:
  • remembering the lack of Consent to showing all the future some of the content ,,
  • measuring effectiveness ( conversion tracking ) held shares to the company, eg . in the Google Display Network , affiliate programs , affiliate networks
  • matching the content of advertisements broadcast on the Google Display Network (remarketing) – For more information about the files cookies used in the Google Display Network can be found at :

What are „cookies ” using?

On our side can be used two types of file „cookie”:

  • session – files that remain on your device until he leaves the website or disable web browser,
  • Fixed – files that remain on your device for a specified time in the parameters of the file or until you delete them manually by the user.

How to disable cookies ( cookies )?

Web browsers allow users to control cookies for their collection and disposal . Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically . Users can , however, free to determine the conditions for storage of or access to data stored in cookies by changing browser settings . Below are tips on how to change the saving of cookies in the most popular web browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

In the „Tools” menu , select „Options „, then „Privacy” tab . At this point , you can disable the saving of cookies or remove individual ” cookies „. More information here :

Google Chrome

The menu in the upper right corner of the browser, select „Tools” and „Clear browsing data”. At this point, you can remove all cookies . Additionally, by selecting the ” More Information” you can go to the support page from which you can learn to configure advanced settings for cookies.

Internet Explorer

In the „Tools” menu , select ” Internet Options ” and then „Privacy” tab . The slider lets you change the overall level of privacy . You can also specify conditions for individual websites when you click „Sites”.


Open the ” Opera ” and select „Settings” and then „Clear browsing history „. At this point , you can delete cookies , and go to the detailed settings by clicking on ” Manage cookies”.

Date of introduction: March 22, 2016